Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) What can I do to help?

Right now, what we need the most is to spread the word about our coalition and what we are trying to do.  Tell your friends about us and share our web site.  Like us on Facebook (@ARCHcoalition) and share our posts.  Follow us on Twitter (@ARCHcoalition) and retweet our stuff.  Your personal network is a powerful force!

2) I am a member of a community organization.  How can we join the coalition?

Just contact Michael Howard at [email protected] or use the contact form here.

There is no cost to join us and we're not going to ask you to do a lot of new stuff.  We want to make your work easier, not harder. Your organization is already doing what it is supposed to do.  We're just here to help you make the most impact.  Coalitions are powerful tools to help everyone get the best outcomes possible.

3) How can my group (church, civic club, school, workplace, etc.) learn more?

Contact us and we will be glad to come and speak to your group about our vision for the future of Hopkins County and rural communities everywhere.

4) How can I make sure my voice is heard as the coalition gathers data about current health needs and makes plans for the future?

We will be sponsoring listening sessions at various times and places throughout the county over the next few months.  We will be sure to give everyone plenty of notice for these events, so check back here and on the community calendar for upcoming events.  You can also always leave a comment in the contact page.

5) How can I donate to the coalition?

We appreciate the thought, but we are not currently looking for individual donations from the local community for financial support.  Our intention is to be fully supported from grants from government agencies and private foundations.  In the future, we might look at fundraising for specific activities, but that will be something we look at down the road.  What we DO need, though, is your support, your participation and your networks!