Change the Future: Become A Community Health Worker or a Promotora (multiple positions)

Location: Hopkins County and the surrounding region

Pay Rate:  $15/hr, to start with an increase to $16/hr upon certification, plus benefits, full time

If you want a great, hands-on job helping people and families live better, healthier lives leading to stronger, more prosperous communities, this might be the job for you!

Community Health Workers (CHWs) work on the front line of health and wellness.  They are trusted members of the communities they serve, sharing history and culture with the people they help.  CHWs help to fill the gaps between traditional healthcare and all of those other factors that are so important to health and wellness, like housing, nutrition, early childhood development, education, and much more.  CHWs work with healthcare providers, ARCH Coalition members, social service providers, community organizations and other stakeholders in the community to help their clients manage their health conditions and their other needs so they are able to achieve their healthiest, happiest, most productive lives.

Successful CHWs are special people.  It’s not just a well-paying job.  CHWs are dedicated to their communities.  They help people who need help navigate some of the most difficult times of their lives.  It can be a tough gig, but it gives you a chance to change the lives of the people, friends and neighbors you live among.

Beyond being the right sort of person—dedicated, kind, smart, resourceful, and absolutely trustworthy—the only requirement for the job is a high school education or GED.  We will provide training as a CHW at no cost, leading to certification as a CHW by the Kentucky Department of Public Health.  Because it’s important for CHWs to relate to the people they help, we are looking for people with roots in the community.  These first positions will be focused on Hopkins County, so we will be looking for people from the area.  As more funding for this program becomes available, we will be expanding more into the surrounding counties and looking for people from those areas.  Again, since it is of the highest importance that CHWs relate to the people they serve, we are also looking for people who are specifically members of the Hispanic and African-American communities, people in recovery, people with experience with the criminal justice system, and veterans.

Since CHWs spend a lot of time face-to-face with people who are medically fragile or who may have complex medical conditions, vacinnations are required, unless there is a documented medical condition that prevents it.  Also, since CHWs are champions of community health, part of the job (and a requirement for the grant that funds these positions) will be promoting vacinnation programs.  If you are unable to honestly support vacinnation, this is not the job for you.

If you think you are the right kind of person and would like to explore this opportunity further, please contact us at [email protected] or apply online below.